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Great solution if you have your own hosting customers!

Reseller Hosting

Our reseller hosting packages are aimed at customers who have their own hosting clients or wish to sell hosting services but are not quite yet ready for a dedicated solution. All of our reseller hosting plans are on shared servers and come with CPanel WHM which allows you to manage your CPanel hosting accounts, hosting packages, upgrading/downgrading accounts, suspending accounts, and much more. Since our reseller packages are on a shared server we do all of the software updates, security updates, and regular maintenance on the server to keep things running smoothly. All you do is manage your customers using the CPanel WHM interface.

If your hosting business is larger, you need complete control, or you would just rather not share a server's resources with other users, we also offer dedicated hosting options which you could use for your own websites, or reselling webhosting.


Starter Reseller

Just starting out

  • 50 GB
  • 1,000 GB
  • 50
  • Unlimited
  • Included

As low as:

$90.00 /month

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Small Reseller

For small reseller accounts

  • 60 GB
  • 1,100 GB
  • 100
  • Unlimited
  • Included

As low as:

$100.00 /month

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Medium Reseller

For medium hosting resellers

  • 70 GB
  • 1,200 GB
  • 150
  • Unlimited
  • Included

As low as:

$110.00 /month

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Large Reseller

For larger hosting resellers

  • 80 GB
  • 1,300 GB
  • 200
  • Unlimited
  • Included

As low as:

$120.00 /month

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Elite Reseller

For more serious resellers

  • 90 GB
  • 1,400 GB
  • 250
  • Unlimited
  • Included

As low as:

$130.00 /month

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Ultimate Reseller

Our largest shared reseller plan

  • 100 GB
  • 1,500 GB
  • 300
  • Unlimited
  • Included

As low as:

$140.00 /month

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